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I'm Cindy

I am so excited to e-meet you. I am a skilled and experienced web designer based in Calgary Alberta. I want to make you money, save you time, and lighten your load. 

I KNOW running a business is challenging. I also know having someone on your team who has innovative ideas & tech talent is a GAME CHANGER! That game changing creative individual you are seeking  is ME! 

If you’re in the market for a website that makes your business stand out, serves your business, and makes your life easier – let’s connect and I will tell you EXACTLY how I will do this for you. 

Click the “Let’s Connect” button below and book a friendly & informative strategy call with me.  


How Can I help you?

I Want More Time
The best way to save time is to allow a professional to take over an aspect of the business that is a time drain - like your website (and all the fun techy issues that go with it). Additionally, a website is the perfect place to centralize you systems. This saves you time because your business is more efficient.
I want More Online Sales
From increasing conversion rates to adding additional income streams a professionally designed website can make you big $$$. Make your website into a money machine with proven strategies that have made my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in the last 4 years alone.
A professionally designed website will help you convert the existing traffic you have and it will attract additional traffic. I have a plethora of tricks up my sleeve to keep the people who visit on your site as well as get more people to visit your site.
I Want To Start A Business
Congratulations!! I am so excited that you are putting up your shingle and joining the exciting world of entrepreneurship. I offer cost effective solutions to get your business up online ASAP as well as set you up for success from the get go.
I Want It All!
AWESOME - you should want it all! The best way to figure out how to get it all, is to connect 1:1. I will take a look at you business and help you get the systems that with make your business UNBELIEVABLY profitable and efficient + look amazing!
"People ignore designs that ignore people."

–  Frank Chimero

I always tell my clients that the website I am designing is not about me – because it’s not – it’s about them, their business, & their customers. 

You know your business & your customers, I know how to find the heart of your business and display it to the world. I know how to bring your vision to life and how to make your website work for your business. 

Why Choose Me?

There are millions of designers to choose from - why should you choose me?

One of the things that sets me apart is that I really care about my clients. I want to see you succeed and I want to see you achieve your goals. I  care deeply about doing everything in my power to support your business and I look at our time together as a long term relationship. When you hire me you hire a cheerleader, friend & supporter. 

There is no other way to put this – I am a weirdo. This makes working with me fun but because my brain works in a contrary to normal fashion, you are guaranteed to get ideas from me that you will not get ANYWHERE else. 

I am all about custom. Every business is different and has their own unique challenges. I will create a custom solution that fits and supports as many aspects of your business as possible. 

I create the systems and the design but I also show you how to use them. I provide instruction videos and online sessions to show you how to manage your own site. These  videos can also be used to train new staff as your business grows. I am always here to support you but sometimes you want to do it yourself – I empower you to do as much or as little as you’d like on the website and the systems I build. 


Client Love

Let's Connect

If you're ready to grow your business like never before - I want to talk with you!

Hop on a friendly, informative and fun virtual call with me and receive a practical and actionable plan to grow your business with a website that makes you money, saves you money, attracts your ideal clients and saves you time. 

I can’t wait to meet you and hear all about your business. I can’t wait to support you and to  help you turn your dreams into your reality. I can’t wait to showcase your business and help you grow, support your community and do the things you were put on this planet to do! 

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If you’re in the market for a website that makes your business stand out, serves your business, and makes your life easier – let’s connect and I will tell you EXACTLY how I will do this for you. 

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