get your business found on google, increase your organic traffic &  make more money with the ultimate Guide to Seo

Search engine optimization: get simple but effective strategies to improve your online visability.

taking the sting out of SEO

Simple Seo Solutions to boost your visibility!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you know you need it but there are a billion resources out there that ALL say different things – grrrrr. Every resource claims to be simple and easy BUT it feels overwhelming and complex.

I am here to help you create a clear and simple SEO strategy that are proven to improve your search engine ranking. I give you simplified but effective strategies that will boost your rankings and help you take advantage of the organic traffic you’ve been dreaming of. 

What Does The Guide Include?

Step By Step Instructions
This guide is practical and in plain language - very little tech talk. I make it super easy for you to implement in your business.
Chat Gpt Prompts
Creating any kind of written content can be stressful. I include prompts so Chat GPT can do some of the work for you. These prompts will help you do keyword research, write site titles, site descriptions and more.
Options for more support
Don't get me wrong this guide is AWESOME, but you may still need some support when implementing these strategies. This guide includes ways to get the support you need.

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